The Skill Factory Africa is a virtual skill learning platform focused on providing training, skill development and job opportunities.


Join 1,500 Other Africans in Learning “Sellable” Skills from Successful Entrepreneurs At The Price of A Cup of Coffee.

We are a virtual learning platform to empower entrepreneurs and youths with relevant career, personal development and business skills to thrive in these times.

Despite many policies and programmes, youth unemployment remains a major challenge to the developmental process of the African economy. Youth unemployment appears to be shooting up the sky as many African youths lack appropriate skills that will empower them after graduation from school.

This is an intervention program against unemployment and her sister unemployability. Via this factory,, we aim to scale the skills of over 4,000,000 youths and provide 500,000 employment opportunities through direct training and our marketplace.

The aim of this factory is to reduce unemployment by equipping the youths with skills that would make them productive as well as increase their employability. This we do by featuring skills that are necessary in building a business or/and as an employee.

This is designed as an incubation program where youths will be inspired, enhance their skill base and also their value and productivity base.

The essence of this program cannot be overemphasized as unemployment has birthed lots of societal problems today [the most recent and disastrous being the spate of internet fraud, commonly called ‘yahoo yahoo’]. This has further built the culture of greed, creative decline and lack of patience in the mind of many youths. Just the seed of unemployment has birthed these vices, of which we must stop the spread. Bearing this in mind, we are particular about a mindset revamp but moreso a practical and hands-on intervention.

When we empower the youths, we build a stronger community and brighter future.

“With great courses to explore skill factory empowers you for MORE.”


  • Cancel anytime and come back when you can
  • Many topics to learn from
  • easy accessibility and very affordable payment structure.


  • Individual training
  • Team Trainings; Need to train your team? We offer flexible group and individual membership training for your organisation.
  • Opportunities; Via our market place option we connect service providers with organisations in need of skills on a part time or fill time contract.
  • Business solutions
  • Personal development
  • Skill upgrade


At Skill Factory Africa, our focus is tripartite. In line with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we are committed to:

  • Eradicate Poverty (SDG1), by equiping the youths with certain 21st Century skills through Quality Education (SDG4), which will in turn have a positively productive aftereffect by instigating Decent Work and Economic Growth (SDG8) in Africa via our market place.

Meet Our Team


Victoria Nwanna

Chief Executive Officer/Founder
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John Ntia

Communication and Community Lead

Edemakhiota Blessing

Managing Partner

Ray Sagacious Ashia

Web Developer

Miracle Ewim