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The Skill Factory Africa is a virtual skill learning platform focused on providing training, skill development and job opportunities.

You can Learn a skill(s) > Market Your skill(s) > Hire A skill(s)

We offer flexible and cost effective membership for your growth.

We have options for you to choose from:

Standard Plan;

Access to all the courses

Access to all  blog and articles

Download of mobile App for offline viewing

Standard Monthly Plan; N3000..

Standard Quarter Plan(4months); Pay N9000(N2250/month)and Save N3000

Standard Yearly Plan(12months) ; Pay N25,000(N2000/month) and save N11,000


Premium Plan;

Access to all Courses

Access to Blogs and Articles

Download of mobile App for offline viewing

Earn a certificate for each course

 Access to Market place,(  hire a skill, market a skill,learn a skill -Internship, job offers,support etc)

Premium Monthly Plan; N4500..

Premium Quarter Plan(4months); Pay N14000(N3500/month)and Save N4000

Premium Yearly Plan(12months) ; Pay N36,000(N3000/month) and save N18,000

On the website or our mobile app using your phone or laptop.

Courses on personal development, business skills, digital skills, soft skills

We offer both monthly,quarterly and annual billing. Depending on what option you choose, your subscription will be renewed at the end of each month or at the end of each year. If you choose to pay annually, you’ll save up more  compared to paying monthly.

Yes. You can downgrade or cancel anytime from your settings page. If you cancel, you will lose your features at the end of your billing cycle.

Skill Factory Africa does not offer refunds except in certain situations and jurisdictions.

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