Edemakhiota Blessing

Managing Partner

EDEMAKHIOTA BLESSING is a microfinance practitioner, financial inclusion enthusiast, business developer, corporate planner and strategist for the largest Microfinance Bank in Nigeria with 10 years of experience in Information Technology, Management Information system, Planning, and Auditing.

In his years of experience, he has engaged in training over 1,000(one thousand) persons across various states in Nigeria on financial literacy, system management, core banking applications, application management, and leadership skills.

He has also received several training from the Lagos Business school, United Nations Training Institute World Bank and Corporate Finance Institute (CFI).

He currently receives training from the Global Learning Platform on Financial Inclusion in conjunction with ARAB GULF PROGRAM FOR UNITED NATIONS DEVELOPMENT and UNITED NATIONS Institute of Training and Research.
With his core focus on Finance and its totality, he has made an impact in the educational sector; he was one of the facilitators that trained over 700 (seven hundred) high school kids on financial literacy and cash management, this initiative was borne out of the mind-set that when a child is informed early on financial management skills, it will sharpen his or her financial intelligence skills in the future management of funds. The event was organized by GETUP Youth Africa.
He was recognized by Today’s Heroes Magazine in 2020 and was given the  “Young African Award”  for his contribution towards community development and exceptional career growth.

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