Victoria Nwanna

Chief Executive Officer/Founder

Victoria Nwanna is a development practitioner, personal branding strategist building profitable brands and a two time Amazon bestselling author with five empowering books.

Even as a child, She wanted to ‘do something’ about these widespread and appalling conditions of youth unemployment which has become an obstacle to community and national development, as She grew up and discovered that there existed a whole career path dedicated to solving these issues, She was determined to be a part of it.

As a passionate young Nigerian, she believes so much that the much chanted change we desire in Africa starts with  her first and every young African. However, She came to understand that it requires skills and right knowledge to create these changes. It is clearer now more than ever that some of the challenges of our time- poverty, unemployment, poor governance etc are driven primarily by policies, political factors but also skills and education. She is attracted to the possibility of making long term sustainable change. 

Her three-fold mandate is to Inspire, Ignite Imagination and Provoke Right Action for personal growth and sustainable nation building. She is focused on creating access points for youth development while helping businesses and brands become more profitable.

Victoria and her team are establishing avenues for young people to proactively engage in personal and community development to fight unemployment through Quality Education (SDG4), creating environment for Decent Work and Economic Growth (SDG8) and End Poverty (SDG1).

Through trainings, mentorship platforms, skill platform, volunteering opportunities, conferences,  magazine and her NGO she has directly impacted over 10000 youths in personal and skill development to promote community engagement 

She recently launched Skill Factory Africa(Africa’s 1st Affordable Online Learning Platform) and hosted the skill acceleration boot camp that trained over 8500 African youths,the Not Too Young To Make Sense secondary school tour executed in 6 states, a programme committed to crusading and championing self and purpose discovery, intentional career choices,inspiring the youth to dream but beyond that arming them with practical tool for life’s choices. 

She runs a media platform called Today’s Heroes Network (@todaysheroesnetwork)where she celebrates and shares the stories of amazing individuals in different industries to inspire, provoke tight action and ignite imagination.

Victoria is committed to work that focuses on youth empowerment, leadership,nation building, education, and employment and has been awarded and nominated for several awards.

She has collaborated with several brands and NGOs directed at youth and business empowerment.

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